Matthew Vazquez

(Children’s Aid Society)Matthew Vazquez

My name is Matthew and I was born in Manhattan. I was raised in the lower Bronx, and eventually moved to 170th and that’s where I am now. I’m going into my senior year of High school at TAPCo, which is a middle school and high school. It’s a good school for people in theater arts, because there are a few unique people and we get to do what we love, so it’s good for that.

My favorite subject is Acting. It’s fun to be someone else for a while; to step out of your own life and put all of your own personal not-so-fun drama aside, and step into some fun drama. I think my favorite show that I ever did was an original play a student wrote when I was in my freshman year. It was really fun behind the scenes and to be a part of the cast. I was just entering high school, so it was just fun to be a part of the production and get close to people. After high school I want to study acting in college because that’s what I love to do, and I want to meet other people who are passionate about what I’m passionate about. I want to just keep doing what I love! Hopefully life will be that great to me, that I get to keep doing what I love.

I came to Children’s Aid Society when I was in the seventh grade. There was a chorus within my school that was a part of the Children’s Aid Society. It was a coed chorus for middle school, and we’d meet up every week and we’d sing and we’d go on trips. Eventually that chorus ended in our school, and the girls that wanted to keep singing got referred to this chorus when they got old enough. Unfortunately it was only a girls chorus, and there weren’t enough guys who wanted to keep singing. So I ended up not being a part of chorus after that, but I would come to rehearsals anyway with my friends from school, and I would just watch and listen to them. Eventually Kelly decided she needed some help during rehearsals, so she asked me to become an intern and that’s where it started. What I like about being a part of Children’s Aid Society, besides getting to have that moment of pride when I see the girls perform, is getting to watch them grow as a group and as singers and as people, because a lot of them started off really shy or weren’t very confident in their voice. And as they grow as singers, I’ve seen them grow as people and come together as friends.

I think it’s wonderful that we all get the chance to experience being in The Tempest. I think it may be very nerve-wracking but it will also be very exciting, and a positive fun experience for us all to go through together.

My future success in my acting career will not be based on fame, the amount of awards I win, or the flashy events I attend. Sure those perks would be nice but it is my aspiration to inspire others. I want to be able to motivate people one day. Even if one person looks to me as a reason to follow their dreams or to stay strong, I will know that I have succeeded in my choices. I want to be able to actually touch people and provoke a positive influence in their lives. If I can achieve that while living my dream of acting for a living, like so many people in the entertainment industry that have helped me through dark times in my life, I will take pride in my work and truly gain happiness. Acting is what I love doing and it makes me truly happy. I want everyone to find what makes them feel like I do when I perform and go for it! Any suffering I have gone through will be worth going through if I can provoke at least one soul to do that.


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