Brianna Cabrera

(Children’s Aid Society)Brianna Cabrera

My name is Brianna Cabrera and I was born in the Bronx. I went to P.S. 46 from kindergarten to 5th grade, and since then I’ve been at the Theater Arts Production Company School (TAPCo), and will be there until I graduate next year. At TAPCo they have singing, chorus, dancing, acting, visual arts, film, and set design. When I first went in, I danced for a couple of semesters, and then I did film and art for a little while in middle school, but I’ve been in chorus since I began high school. I’ve always loved to sing. I definitely want go to on to college, though I don’t know where yet. And I definitely want to keep music in my life somehow, whether it’s as a minor or just by singing with a group. I’m really thinking about going into the medical field, like physical therapy or musical therapy or even becoming a physician’s assistant. Psychology really interests me too; I guess because I was never really able to pinpoint what I was feeling. So if someone asked me, “What’s wrong?” I’d be like, “Nothing.” I was never really able to connect to myself. So I would like to try to help others with whatever they’re struggling with, and to help improve their lives.

I love it at Children’s Aid Society. I’ve been there for six years now, and aside from the singing and the music aspect, I really like the friendships we make there because we’re all really close. It’s kind of amazing! Being in the chorus has definitely helped me because my confidence is not the best and it used to be really bad. I couldn’t talk to people. Everyone here, once we started getting close, definitely helped me with that!

I’m a little nervous about The Tempest because I’ve been to Shakespeare In The Park, so I know it’s definitely something we have to live up to. But I’m also really excited because it’s a great opportunity and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I think I can connect to Miranda’s song because aside from things with chorus, I don’t really get to do much outside of going to school. So compared to others, I feel like I definitely haven’t seen much, which is similar to Miranda’s experience.

My mom has always been a supportive influence in my life, in the fact that she comes to my shows and she encourages me. If I want to try something new like piano or guitar, she’ll say, “Go ahead. Try it!” I look up to my mom because she used to sing, and she is so sure of herself. This may sound cliché, but I was bullied growing up—from about the 1st grade until the 7th. In the first grade it was mainly physical, and that really got me down on my confidence all these years. I’m not there yet, but I’m definitely growing into myself. I look up to my friend Samantha at Children’s Aid because she’s really outgoing and is able to do things and just say, “Oh, I don’t care what people think!” But even though it might take me a while to actually realize that I want to do something, because I’m shy, once I realize what I want, I won’t necessarily stop until I get it! I know in life you’re not going to get certain things, but I’m the type of person to really try my best.


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