Darlenys Santana

(The DreamYard Project)Darlenys Santana

My name is Darlenys Santana and I was born in the Dominican Republic. I came to the United States in 2009, when I was in the 7th grade. Life was easier in the DR; there was more nature, and I was also living in a house, not an apartment. My friends were my neighbors and it was nice.

When I came to New York, I went to school at Middle School 254 and now I go to Bronx International High School. There are a lot of Spanish speakers there, so it’s a little hard for me to keep growing in my English, because I keep speaking Spanish all the tim! Doing Shakespeare now is a little hard because there are many words that are new for me, so I just have to open my eyes for those words.

I’ve been with DreamYard since May of this year, so I’m new. I like it! Everyone is friendly and there are opportunities for people who don’t have the resources to pay for certain programs. In the Shakespeare Summer Intensive I learned to push myself to do what I want to do, and to be positive. It was interesting reading the language that Shakespeare uses in The Tempest. The language that he uses is a little different from English as we know it today. So it’s cool to learn the words that Shakespeare used when he wrote his plays.

I want to go on to be an actor and a psychologist. I like giving advice, and I like listening to people and their problems; like when they need to say something but don’t want to say it to everyone. When they tell me, I feel good about it because I can give them my advice. And it’s nice to help.

I think being in the Tempest will be great. It will be good to have the experience to see what it is like to be in a big production.


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