Lily Johns

Lily Johns

My name is Lily Anna Johns and I was born in London, England. I lived there for my first two years before we came to the States. We moved to Scarsdale, Westchester for a few years and then to New York City. From kindergarten through sixth grade I went to the United Nations International School and that was pretty awesome. Now I’m going to a prep school in Connecticut.

I found out about the Tempest through my dance studio in Connecticut, which is run by Elizabeth Parkinson and Scott Wise. They recommended me to the choreographer Chase, so I came to audition! When I learned they were doing the Tempest as a musical version I was so excited. I auditioned, and we did dancing and singing, and then a week later I found out I was in the show!

I’ve been into the arts all of my life. My mom was a performer on Broadway and she was a Radio City Rockette for eleven years, so I grew up back stage and was always trying on make-up! When I was younger, I started doing theater camps. I loved to perform every chance I got in dance recitals when I was little. I just loved getting on stage; I had no stage fright and I still don’t, none at all. I just love it so much. I began, in about 5th grade, taking voice lessons and just recently began singing Italian Arias and Italian opera songs. I’m also into the Broadway sound. And then I’ve been doing ballet, pointe work, and all types of dance since I was a baby. I’m very into it!

I love living in New York City! New York just has a certain vibe—it’s so special and there’s no place like it. The vibe that you get with all of the people walking around and the energy is so great, and I just love it so much here. Hopefully one day I’ll be working here on Broadway.

I have the same dream I’ve always had, I’ve never changed it. Growing up back stage and always being around a theater community, I knew right away and I still do: I want to be a performer—an actress, singer and dancer. My dream is to be on Broadway, maybe be a Rockette, and maybe even work in the West End in London. I want to get a world experience through performing, because that’s something you can definitely attain through art; you can have experiences throughout the entire world performing. I hope always to perform, because that’s really what I love to do and I feel like it’s my calling.


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