Nafesah Wadud

(The DreamYard Project)Nafesa Wadud

My name is Nafesah, I’m fifteen years old, and I was born in The Bronx. I’ve lived here my whole life. I go to DreamYard Preparatory High School, and I’ve been there for two years. We have electives and you can pick what you want do: visual arts, dance, vocal, theater, and musical theater. I’ve been doing visual arts and theater. We haven’t done Shakespeare but we have done Commedia del Arte and Twelve Angry Jurors; those are the two plays I was in. I have a large family—seven siblings. My mom said she always wished for a bigger family because when she was younger she only had brothers, no sisters. I like sports; I play football with my brothers sometimes. And I like softball and baseball too. I also like to write—journal type writing or poetry. It makes me feel better, especially if I’m mad or if I feel stressed. It feels like it opens my chest and takes a load off, so I feel better.

I want to go on to pursue the arts. I want to be a pediatrician, but I really like acting. I can’t decide, but I know a college that has both, so we’ll see. I know that if I pursue being a pediatrician, I’ll be in school until I’m thirty, because I want go all the way and get my Ph.D. So I don’t know. Sometimes I think about not doing it but then again I think why not?

I just started coming to the DreamYard Center this year. My teacher in school, Ms. Stodd, she told me about the Shakespeare Intensive. I’m disappointed that the Intensive went by so fast but I enjoyed it a lot.
I liked the yoga, and I liked when we read “The Tempest” and going back and forth reading the parts. I also liked when we did the choreography and came up with our gestures to express the concept of love. I liked everything!

I feel grateful to be in the Tempest because I usually back out of opportunities like this, or I don’t feel comfortable going if I don’t have my friends there. However, my mom always inspires me to do the things I enjoy, and to break out of being “shy.” I feel comfortable here! And I feel ready for it. I think it’s going to be a nice experience.


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