Regine Tinsley

(Children’s Aid Society)Regine Tinsley

My name is Regine Tinsley and I was born in Harlem, but I eventually moved to the Bronx. I graduated from middle school from St. Paul’s School, and for the 9th grade I’m going to Talent Unlimited, which is on 68th St. It’s a performing arts school and I’m going for Voice. My brother is already a student there in Acting. For my audition I had to sing the Pledge of Allegiance. I knew most of the teachers there because of my brother, so it was a little easier for me to get in, but I still had to get interviewed like everybody else!

I’ve been singing my whole life since I was four. They say I used to like singing the song “I Will Dance With My Father”. I used to sing all these traditional songs and sing for weddings and funerals.
I grew up singing in church. I’m very active in church: I’m an usher, I sing, I dance, and I’m on the pastor’s aid committee. I would say I’m a serious person; I stay on top of everything that I’m committed to. That’s why I’m so committed to our chorus. I come on time and I’m not late to anything.

I like math a lot. That’s actually the only reason why I go to school, to learn math. I feel like putting numbers together could really help me in life. Math is my best subject. When I get older I want to be a nurse. I really like to help people. I think my desire to help people comes from my mom. She works at a daycare and she cares for the kids. If anything happens she’s the first one there to tend to them; so I think I get it from her. My mom and my grandma have been the most positive influences in my life. They’re very outgoing, energetic, and they support and motivate me. They always try to make people’s spirits high, and don’t try to put you down in any type of way. Like if you’re doing something wrong, they’ll tell you in a nice way so that you can understand and comprehend it; they won’t just shut you down.

I came to Children’s Aid last summer. I sang for Ms. Kelly and they called me back and were like, “You got in.” And I was like, “WOW!” I was shy when I first came because I was the youngest one. At the time, I was in middle school and everyone else was in high school. For a couple of days I was quiet but I got to know the girls a little better and they made it good for me! They talk about high school often and motivate me to keep up the good work. I think the Tempest is going to be a wonderful experience because I used to do acting when I was younger, so I feel by me taking this step I can do anything! I just want to show other kids that there are more things to do than running around in the streets.


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