Elizabeth Ely

(Children’s Aid Society)Elizabeth Ely

My name is Elizabeth Ely and I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City. I just turned fourteen, and I am going into the 9th grade. For lower school I went to P.S.3 and it’s a very artsy school, so that’s where I started getting into vocal, drama, and the arts in general. I really grew to love the arts through my time at P.S.3. I then went to Friends Seminary for middle school, and I’m continuing to go there through high school. It’s very cool.

I was about six or seven, around the first grade, when I first got into the arts; I started by getting into singing and dancing. I also really liked a lot of movies and songs growing up. Some of my favorite movies growing up were Elmo in Grouchland and The Breakfast Club—I love all those old movies. Any Dustin Hoffman movie, I love so much. Westside Story, Titanic—all of those, plus the sappy love stories—I’ve always found those intriguing and enchanting!

I’ve always loved singing because it’s my way of expressing how I feel through song and music. I write my own music and my own songs. I love acting also because that’s just one way of being who you are on stage and not being judged. And then dancing is just fun. I do that to enjoy myself, to pretend that I actually know what I’m doing!

I’ve been going to Children’s Aid Society since the first grade. I was originally in the New Acting Company at the Greenwich Village branch, and later The Children’s Aid Society chorus. Both are two things that I love to do and continue to do. In the chorus we’ve had so many amazing opportunities to showcase the talent that the group has, and to really work as an ensemble. Being in the Tempest is just one more amazing opportunity. Our chorus recently lost its funding, so it no longer exists. But we’re trying to continue the group, to push through all the struggle of how to keep it going, and this is just one more way to really get out there that we’re still available, we’re still a group, we’re still going strong, and we’re not going stop! We’re hoping that people are going to realize that, and maybe donate money just to help us out, so I think that this is a great opportunity to do that.

Kelly Campbell is such a great chorus director, she’s been there for us girls since forever, so she’s like a second mother to almost all of us. The chorus has been amazing; these girls are basically my sisters. I have a little sister at home, but it gets me teary eyed just thinking of everyone, because the fact that I can be myself around these girls, I can come to them for advice, makes me think of them as older sisters. I think I’m the youngest in the chorus, and just to have them here for me is the most amazing thing because they’re like family.


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