Fuquan “G-Star” Findley

(Brownsville Recreation Center)Fuquan Findely

I was born in Newark, New Jersey. I came to New York when I was four, and was raised in the Bronx. For school I went to Linden Hill in Hawthorn, New York. It was pretty cool. I did a lot of drama classes there and I did music. Now I do a lot of music producing. I do a little bit of hip-hop and R&B, which is cool. Sometimes I write my own songs, and I have other producers that I know too.

One song I wrote is called “I Couldn’t Forget You”—It goes like this:

If I never forget you,
I will probably sitting down,
Crying all my tears
I couldn’t forget you

I go to the Brownsville Recreation Center to volunteer. I help clean; I make sure everything’s cleaned up outside, and I go there once in a blue moon to see what kind of activities they have going on.

I identify most with music, but also acting, because I’m a funny person. I can actually play more than one role at the same time. There’s one actor who really inspires me, and that’s Robert Downey Jr. because he can do a lot different characters. So I’m like, “Wow, I’m just like him!”

I actually went to see a production of The Tempest a long time ago with my aunt. I was a little kid, maybe five or six—it was a while ago. So recently, when I saw the flyer for The Tempest at Brownsville, I was like, “This thing looks familiar! Wow. I’m going to audition for this.” I was so happy when I got the news that I got into the show! It was pretty cool. At first I thought it was my aunt calling me, but it was the stage manager Evangeline, so I was like, “Oh! Thank you so much!” In rehearsals for the Tempest, I’ve just been feeling like, “YES,” because performing is all that I do. So for me, this is something new but not something new. I feel you don’t really get a chance to truly expand your talent until you’re given an opportunity.

What I love about performing is the crowds and the energy. I love being on stage, so people don’t just see what I can do, but also what theater can do, not just me. I just like to show people how things are supposed to be. I love showing people what comes out of theatre and what you can respect about it. A lot of things that I’ve done in my life deal with theatre—I used write my own scripts; I wrote a short movie once, in which I was the lead role. It came out pretty well. So I’m an actor and an artist in every way—I’m everything.


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