Michelle Solorzano

Michelle Solorzano

(The DreamYard Project)

My name is Michelle Solorzano and I was born in the Dominican Republic. I came to America just last year in June. My family came hoping to find a better economy. I sometimes miss D.R.—my friends, my neighborhood and my school. I was in the arts back in D.R., but not in theater. I was in painting classes. But I decided to get into acting because I wanted to express myself better. I like all types of art and I wanted to be less shy. I also like dancing. I took belly-dancing classes growing up!

I came to DreamYard this past November. I like everything about DreamYard! I like the community and how they treat us because they are always so loving. They give us hugs and everyone is always happy. And everything is free for us kids there!

In the Shakespeare Intensive we just had with Tiffany, I really liked the yoga classes. I feel more flexible! And I liked learning about how to speak Shakespeare; how you separate the words and syllables—the iambic pentameter. I didn’t know much about Shakespeare before because in my country they don’t talk too much about him, but now I like him.

My best friends at DreamYard are Darlenys and Rafael. I’m really excited to be in the Tempest with them and everyone else! And I’m even more excited for the costumes that they are going make for us. It’s really great because the plays that I’ve been in before, we just wore black clothes. So having my own costume will be really exciting! I can’t wait!


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