Fabian Zarta

Fabian Zarta (Children’s Aid Society)

As an actor I know what my function is in society, things are clearer to me and I need to be part of that function and clarity.” Fabian Zarta

Fabian ZartaDear Friends,

I am Fabian Zarta, I was born in a village called Purificación (Purification), a place where the sun and the Magdalena River—a principal river in my native country—seem to clash into the vibrant land to debate which one kingdoms in the fields; the sun with its hot atmosphere or the constant refreshing breeze hosted by the trees and the river itself. This little town is near to Bogotá, the city where I was raised, which is the capital of Colombia.  I moved to New York about nine years ago. I came here for a couple of reasons – Love being one of those reasons.  I also wanted to learn English to continue my higher education and it was about the time to have that new lifestyle. I have always been very interested in theatre and films, so when I did the math, the result pointed to NYC. It was the right decision; opportunities come easier here somehow.    

Among others here, I got the chance to work with the legendary Judith Malina of The Living Theatre. We did her new play Here We Are; it was such a great experience to begin 2013 with.  Now in The Tempest, I love our rehearsals and I think this is an awesome project! Everyone is really rocking it. I really love the fact that with this I’m getting to do the kind of work I want to do. I’m very interested in experimental theatre. I think our production definitely proves that the arts are a tool that we all have, and that we all can use. Art has a kind of power, definitely. You don’t really need to have an entire life of training as an actor to understand principles in humanities, or to discover your own body or the unique sounds that you can make by interpreting a song. Exploring new worlds through theatre—it’s a really interesting way to integrate people, and I love it. I enjoy every second of our putting The Tempest together! I really want to thank everyone in this project. 

While I’m an actor and a producer, I’m also interested in writing in English. I write short stories. I think college is responsible for that because there you have to write a lot of essays, and also do free writing. So I started to practice my writing more and I found that I really like to do short stories. Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed writing lyrics, poetry and scripts. Nowadays, it is a need sometimes. I have my first draft done of my first long English play. The birthday present to myself this year, it’s like my first baby. It’s still a draft, but I hope it’s going to be beautiful.  

I wish I could say my only job here in New York has been acting, but I have had different jobs in production for film, TV, video, radio (Yes, I did radio for almost three years) and events. I am really grateful for all of those experiences; they have nurtured me a lot. All this may sound glamorous, but I have also faced all those challenges that we actors go through in NYC (you guys know); and like any other immigrant I had to do all kind of jobs for a few years. When I first moved here, I didn’t speak English, so it was even harder. I had to spend entire nights trying to do my essays, going to Fiorello H. LaGuardia College, working – all that stuff! I still have to do my homework. Being an actor with an accent is also sometimes tricky here, but you have to keep working at it. That’s the way it goes.



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