Josue Hernandez

Josue Hernandez (The DreamYard Project)

Josue HernandezMy name is Josue Hernandez and I’m sixteen years old. My parents were born in El Salvador, so that’s why I speak Spanish even though I was born here in the United States. We’ve always lived in the Bronx, but my family recently moved to Mount Vernon. I have a big family—two brothers and three older sisters; I’m the baby. There’s one funny tradition my family has. I remember a long time ago when I was very young, every year for New Years we had a glass of water and the second it turned over into the New Year, we’d break an egg and drop it in the water. I was never entirely sure what the point of that was. From what I remember, the shape that the egg white created in the water was supposed to tell you something about your future. And then for some reason we stopped doing that for New Years. I never understood why we stopped—or why we did it in the first place!

I started doing the arts in the ninth grade when I started going to Marble Hill. Marble Hill requires you to take two years of art, and so in the ninth grade I started doing drama. When I started the class, I found it to be a very casual happy class. There wasn’t one day when no one was laughing. Everyone had to laugh at least once a day. It was just fun. In school I’m good at math. I also take Japanese, so I know a little bit of Japanese. And I listen to a lot of foreign music. I like listening to European music and some Asian music because although some of the languages I don’t entirely understand, the music feels more meaningful. It has more of an expressive emotion and I like how it feels when I listen to it.

When I first started the Shakespeare Summer Intensive at DreamYard, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone, except for Michela because we go to school together. But after the first few exercises, I was relaxed and very happy—we all started laughing. Our teacher Tiffany created a very relaxed space to think about anything we wanted and to express ourselves. 

When I picture my life in the future, I don’t picture anything career wise necessarily. I just picture where I want to be in my life emotionally. I process a lot of stuff in my head and I’m very in tune with what I’m feeling, although I don’t usually want to say it out loud. I’m not the kind of guy to find random girlfriends. There’s a girl I know, and I just picture myself in the future with someone like her.

I’m very excited about being in The Tempest. This is my first big production of anything. I’m not scared, I just want to do it—I want to grab the experience and hug it!


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