Martine St. Clair

Martine St. Clair (Children’s Aid Society)

Martine St.ClairMy name is Martine St. Clair, I’m fifteen years old and I was born in China. I’m adopted, I’ve been to China four times, but I have never really gone back to my orphanage or to the province I was born in. I was raised by my mom, who adopted me and my sister three years before. My whole family is un-blood related, but we call ourselves family because we’ve grown up together. My sister is going off to college so I get my own room. She’s going to Wellesley. I love her, and if anyone tries to hurt her I’d be there to defend her but we fight a lot. We used to fight more, but now we’re getting along a lot better. She’s a great sister but sometimes she gets pushed over the edge by me when I annoy her a little too much. But she annoys me too so we even each other out.

I love being part of the Children’s Aid chorus; they’re so funny! Everyone basically lives in either Queens, Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan, so we always have a group of girls going downtown, and a group of girls going uptown. I always go with the girls going downtown, and we always have really funny conversations on the train. I know we’re all loud and obnoxious, and you have these random strangers looking over like, “What’s wrong with those kids?” It’s really funny and I love all these girls. When I first came here last year, I didn’t know any one of them, and the only person I did know left when I got here, so that kind of sucked. But now it’s just like a big family. I got to know the girls better and now we’re really, really close.

I thought the idea of us doing the Tempest was pretty exciting. It’s something new for me and I like trying new things. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the future, and I like to live in the moment. I believe you just have to let the pieces fall and I feel that you should always be true to yourself.


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