Mayelyn Perdomo

Mayelyn Perdomo (Children’s Aid Society)

Mayelyn PerdomoMy name is Mayelyn Perdomo and I was born in the Bronx. When I was younger I went to P.S. 8, and then for middle school and high school, I went to Theater Arts Production Company, TAPCo for short. I love that school. I just graduated and I’m going to miss it. It was a small school so I knew every single face, teachers knew me, and I really loved that. It was so arts centered. Teachers would say so but it never really sunk in that ours was the only school in the Bronx that’s a theater school. So that was really cool. It was just awesome that we had a school where it was required to take artistic classes. I was able to experience different things; for example, when I first got in I did acting. And then I took a semester of visual arts. I also took one semester of video, and then after that I did chorus. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m going to Hunter College in the fall. I want to major in education because I’d like to be a teacher. I go to church and I have a Sunday school gig there. I teach the kids on Sunday and I LOVE them. I love them so much. I love being able to pour into them, inspire them, and help them solve their problems. And I just realized: we’re in the Bronx and New York City schools need good teachers as much as anywhere else.

Out of everything I studied though, music is my favorite thing. With singing, my instrument is with me everywhere I go: I can play it whenever I want. I’ve been singing all of my life. I always think back to a home video I have from when I was about four years old, singing a Spanish song. I once heard this quote, “Singing is like elongated speech.” I feel that whatever you can’t convey simply speaking, you can do that with song. And then when you add music and melodies, there’s so much you can do with your voice to convey a certain message or convey a feeling. It’s so beautiful.

We found out at the beginning of the chorus back in September that we were getting the opportunity to sing in The Tempest. I remember seeing Into The Woods once at the Delcaorte—the stage is BEAUTIFUL. For us to be in a huge production that’s out there being advertised, and with the Public Theater is amazing! I haven’t acted in such a long time since middle school. It’s so exciting and we’re ready to sing. I can’t even believe it! I never would have thought I’d have such an opportunity, but here we are. The Public Theater has made this so easy and so fun to do, so easy going and relaxed!


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