Michella Dos Santos

Michella Dos Santos (Brownsville Recreation Center)

Michella Dos SantosMy name is Michella Dos Santos and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I went to the famous Erasmus Hall High School, where Barbra Streisand, and the actress who played Thelma from “Good Times”, and many other famous people went. I went on to teach theater at the Brooklyn’s Children’s Museum and I’ve written several plays. I still write plays and I also write songs.

I worked for the city of New York for a long time, but my main thing is working in the entertainment field. I’m interested in film; I wrote a fifty-five minute film when I was about seventeen. I was the writer and the cinematographer, and it was in the first black American film festival ever. I had several articles written about me. The film was called I Fell in Love with God. I did the soundtrack for it, about six songs. The movie premiered in Manhattan and we got rave reviews. I was compared to filmmaker William Greaves by Nelson George in his first article. I really like my music. My music is my focus. I feel I can also really reach people through my music, plays and film.

I did my own album, called I Guess You’re Not—which is all love songs. I’m in love with love. I like to sit back and observe others, and just let them create. But I’m always ready to invent something else or do something else, and everybody’s basically waiting for me now, so we’ll see what I get into next!


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