Louise Bynoe

Louise Bynoe (Brownsville Recreation Center)

Louise BynoeMy name is Louise Bynoe. I was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I lived in Barbados for quite a few years. My husband, a Barbadian, and I immigrated here to the United States in 1968. I’m a mother of four children and grandmother to eight grandchildren.

I used to work in a hotel in Barbados, and there was once a family who came there on vacation and they were interested in having someone from the West Indies take care of their baby. So that was my chance to come here to the States. I worked with them for quite a number of years, and then after the child was grown, I worked with another family and then I went on to open my own restaurant. I don’t want to work it anymore but I still have the building; it was called “Louise’s Restaurant.” It did quite well but now I’m seventy-three and I just don’t want to be in this heat anymore. It’s still there but it’s closed down and I plan to sell it.

My oldest son right now is living with me—he’s a mama’s boy. My second son, he lives in Japan, but I’ve visited him a few times. He used to be in the Navy so he’s still working on base. Now he works with the US government. I have two beautiful half-Japanese granddaughters. My third son lives in Jacksonville, Florida and he has two daughters too—one is in the US Army. My daughter is thirty-six years old and she’s the baby of the four. She lives in Connecticut and has no kids but cares for two foster children from Puerto Rico. The only thing I want to have in my life is for my daughter to have a child. I would just like to get a grandchild from her. I don’t know why, I suppose because that’s my only daughter. She’s a very well educated young lady. She went to Catholic school and spent four years in college in Ohio and one of them in Venice. She also spent time in Guadalajara, Mexico and China, so she did well; she never stopped going to school. My youngest grandchild is twenty-one and I have a grandson that’s thirty from my oldest son. My daughter having a child is the only thing that I would like to happen that hasn’t happened yet!

And I love to travel. I’ve traveled a lot! We have family all over, so I’ve been to Trinidad, Barbados, St.Vincent, Japan, Jamaica, Grenada—you name it! I haven’t been to Europe yet, but I’m planning on it. I’m always on the go, always on the go! For entertainment I like to dance. I got to the gym, I treadmill two days a week, doing four miles. I have a good life. I’m still having a good life.


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