Monica Brathwaite

Monica Brathwaite (Domestic Workers United)

Monica BrathwaiteMy name is Monica Brathwaite and I’m originally from Bridgetown, which is in beautiful Barbados. I came here nineteen years ago to make a better life for myself. I take part in a lot of activities, and now I’m so happy to be in The Tempest. I’m hoping for it to be very exciting. I’m the mother of three wonderful kids and a grandmother of three. My mom is still alive, my father died, and I’m the 5th out of twelve kids.

It was very hard being one of so many but at least I know for sure my mom never let us go to sleep hungry. She would always make sure we had food on the table and that we went to school. We were very independent growing up.

When I came to the states I decided I would do baby sitting and baby nursing. At the moment I’m not working, I have a lot of time now to spend, so I spend it coming to Domestic Workers United meetings, and a writer’s workshop that we have on the first Saturday of every month. I do a lot of different activities and attend different organizations in my spare time. I’m also a regular church girl; every Sunday I go to church. I go to CWC on Madison in Brooklyn. I am an usher there on Sundays, and a right regular church girl.

I worked for families here in New York for nineteen years. I was happy to find a family that was very nice to me and I worked with them for a long time. I can now call them and ask any of them and for a favor and they would never refuse me. It’s a very patient and caring and loving job to take care of other people’s children.

I do several activities with Domestic Workers United. On Labor Day we would go walking, we’d have a day in the park, and then we would go and do outreach, encouraging people to join our organization. We also have base-building meetings. Sometimes we might have a karaoke night, a fun night where we would get together. And we usually meet every Thursday of the month for our regular meetings.

I’m enjoying Tempest rehearsals very much. Sometimes afterwards I get stiff at night, but then I soak myself in some salt water and I get recovered by the next day. I love everything about the rehearsals. I always wanted to dance and now I’m getting an opportunity to do it. I’m enjoying acting too. I’m very excited. I just hope I can hold up for all three performance days!


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