Timolyn Benton

Timolyn Benton (Children’s Aid Society)

Timolyn BentonMy name is Timolyn, I’m sixteen years old and I was born in Brooklyn. I’ve been in the arts my whole life—I started singing around the house when I was little. I used to go to private school and my mom wanted me to try out for the intermediate middle schools, and then it snowballed from there. Now I go to LaGuardia High School.

This is my first year in the Children’s Aid Society girls’ chorus. I’ve been here since April. I missed some the rehearsals this summer since I went away with my family a lot. We go out the country, we might go to Pennsylvania for a day, or we might go to North Carolina. I like traveling if I don’t have to take a plane. I don’t like flying, it’s annoying and I hate turbulence. If I fall asleep and the turbulence gets really bad, then I think I’m going to die. I have a panic attack on the plane and then everybody looks at me, and I’m just like, “Why couldn’t we just take a train?” But you can’t take a train out the country. My favorite place I’ve been on vacation was Turks  & Caicos. Turks & Caicos is a small island next to Jamaica. It’s a quiet place where the people are nice, and it’s just so BEAUTIFUL. The scenery is nice and the beaches don’t have any nasty little things in it. I think anywhere in the sun is amazing.

I do a lot of extracurricular things. My mom is always finding a way to stick us into extra academic and fun things. I have one little brother. He’s about thirteen and wishes he could be an artist! He’s like, “I’m going to try out for LaGuardia, and I’m going to come to school and annoy you every day!” I’m just like “Oh my gosh.” For college I think I want to go to UCLA, but that’s a little far. I also want to see what Julliard has to offer.


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