Tony Harkin

Tony Harkin

Tony HarkinMy name is Tony Harkin and I was born in Glennrock, New Jersey but I currently live in New Milford, Connecticut. I have an older sister Tess, and a younger brother RJ. I lived in Glennrock, New Jersey until I was six, and then I moved to New Milford and started kindergarten there, and I’ve just been working my way up through the New Milford school system. I’m going to be a freshman in the fall at New Milford High School. I would love to do theater and music in the future, but if that doesn’t work out I want to get a business degree and then a law or neuroscience degree. I’m interested in learning about the science of the brain.

My mom got me into the arts in about the 3rd grade. I did a children’s production of Annie in my town, and then a year later I started taking tap dance, and then from there I started getting more and more into theater and dance. I’m a big fan of musicals.

Next to Normal is a huge favorite of mine; I saw it in 2009. Newsies and In the Heights are both awesome of course!

So something unique about me is that I won kids Jeopardy. I auditioned online and I did well enough to move to the next round, which I did in New York, and that was a bigger test with more questions and a personality quiz. And then I got to be on jeopardy! I filmed it a couple of years ago in March 2011, and the episode premiered July 8th of 2011. I won $21,601 dollars…besides taxes. It’s in my college fund. I’ve always been a pretty good student and I’ve always loved trivia and random knowledge. It was really cool when I was on the show seeing all the different people who were there, because they record five episodes per day, so there were about sixteen kids there, and it was so interesting seeing all their points of view.

Working on The Tempest has been awesome. It’s so cool seeing all the different walks of life come together! It’s a very different type of experience than one would normally get where I live and I’m really enjoying it.


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