Victor Rosario

Victor Rosario

Victor RosarioMy name is Victor Rosario and I was born in New York and raised in upper Manhattan. I’m thirteen years old and I’m in the 8th grade. It’s been great growing up in Manhattan, but for people who grow up in New York, we want to get OUT of New York! So I’d like to leave New York at some point, though I’m not sure where I’ll go yet.

I’ve been in the arts since I was six or seven years old. I started at a school called P.S. 33. The school had a dance program that had a recital every year, but I was scared that the kids were going to make fun of me, so I didn’t go for that year. The next year there was a program called NDI, National Dance Institute, and the dance teacher invited me to join. I was scared, but she said, “Listen, when you grow up and you become a professional dancer, you’ll be happy that you did your job and got educated.” My dance teacher eventually took me to an even more professional school, because she saw that I was picking up steps really fast. So then I started at NYTB, New York Theater Ballet when I was seven years old.

I take seven dance classes per day plus do my regular schooling at NYTB. I’m in dance classes until about nine every night, and then I go home, do homework and eat. I want to go to LaGuardia for high school. I’m planning to audition for visual art and dance. In the future I want to be a professional ballet dancer and I want to perform for American Ballet Theater. That’s my set dream!


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